vcsadump Logo vcsadump is a tool for taking color screenshots of Linux virtual consoles and rendering them into HTML.

Intended applications

vcsadump is incredibly useful for all sorts of applications.

For example, you can use vcsadump to set up a website where geeks can watch you play Nethack on a Linux virtual console, live and uncensored.

Then you can flirt with them by #naming objects or something.


Here are only a few of the screenshots that can be produced by vcsadump:


You can download vcsadump here and get started on the path to financial independence and making quadzillions of dollars from the comfort of your own home!


vcsadump is easier to use than sliced bread because it comes with a README file.

It's also possible that somebody's posted something on the forums or the ticket tracking thingy.

Questions, comments, bug reports

If you find a bug in vcsadump, please report it, and I will castigate myself most severely.

Also be sure to email me all of your Nethack screenshots! Well, not all of them. Maybe a couple.